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Coaching & TRE: The Organismic evolution of humanity

I wrote the following letter to a coach who asked me how and why should they include TRE in their coaching practice.

I am not sure what phrases you are speaking about however, I know that your ‘business’ model as well as your business activities must come from an “inner impulse” that you can only access through complete stillness, no movement or thought, somatic sensations of spontaneous urges in the body. This is where your creativity comes from otherwise you are doing nothing different than all the other ‘coaches’. You are moving from a ‘head or ego’ centered place that is made up of all the defensive contractions and elevated nervous system of fear that are active in you from childhood.

If you want to start a new paradigm of coaching, and I believe you can do it, then just turn everything the ‘coaching’ profession espouses on its head. Instead of fast, powerful, self-promotion and action, you can be the first TRE Coach to promote going deeply into stillness, patience, softness, inner quietness and waiting for “an impulse” from the organism to move you into your next step. Improve your ability to become very still so that the deep inner impulse of your organism moves you spontaneously. As you refine this ability you will be able to ’guide’ not ‘teach’ other people how to do this as well. You cannot ‘teach’ this. I simply slowed you down and ‘guided’ you to this point in yourself. I knew how to do it because I have done it in myself. I did not study it from a book. It must be your lived experience inside your own organism otherwise it will come from a ‘head and ego centered’ place and that will automatically begin to distort this truth and turn it into another lost and misguided ‘teaching’ that will continue to distract people from their true self and their own ‘inner impulse’. Everyone is looking to find their ‘true self’ (happiness, inner peace, etc.) but they are all looking for it from their heads and they can’t find it because ‘peace’ can only be found in the impulse of the living organism in which we live. It is all inside of you. You do not have to ‘do anything’. In fact ‘doing’ is exactly what is obstructing your ability to ‘feel’ your impulse out of which your ‘inner peace’ emerges.

Once you learn to move from the ‘impulse of the organism’ then your actions will also be satisfying and fulfilling which will lead you to a deeper desire to explore your inner impulse at a more and more refined level of sensitivity thereby creating deeper and deeper satisfaction, peace and happiness. It is self-evolving and self-perpetuating you don’t have to try. In fact, trying is exactly what obscures the inner impulse. In the end, it is the ‘inner impulse’ that begins the experience of self-perpetrating inner happiness. It cannot come from anyplace else except from inside the impulse.

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07 de ago. de 2020

Thank you for this letter to a Coach. I used to be a Coach using TRE®, now I am a TRE® Trainer using some coaching, if needed. When people make the shakes their own, they discover the aliveness and pleasure within. Thank you for going all out with TRE®, reaching more people than ever.

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