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David Berceli, Ph.D. is an international author, presenter and trainer in the areas of trauma intervention, stress reduction, and resiliency & recovery training.

He has lived and worked in war-torn countries and natural disaster zones around the world. He specializes in recovery with groups, corporations, CEOs, top level management teams as well as large populations i.e., military personnel, national and international relief agencies, and government and non-government organizations whose staff are living and working in life-challenging environments.


Dr. Berceli is also the creator of a revolutionary set of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). He is the author of three books that have been translated into 12 languages. Currently he teaches trauma recovery and awareness in 50 countries and provides relief services through his non-profit organization to survivors of natural and human made disasters around the world. His academic career includes a degree in Social Work (PhD), Clinical Social Work (MA), Theology (MA), Middle Eastern Studies (MA). He is also certified as a Massage Therapist (MT), and Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT).

Download Dr. Berceli's Curriculum Vitae

David Berceli and Hindra Gunawan

Co-Founders of the Shaka Foundation

Tremoring is a ancient and primitive mechanism in the human body designed to relax and calm the nervous system.

Shaking Medicine

by: Bradford Keeney

When the shake is truly valued and protected, it will keep the spirit alive. Through shaking, the tight grip of any totalizing ideology is loosened. Shaking is a medicine to help prevent the hardening of conceptual categories. It keeps our vessel open for the spirit to flow through. As the Lakota medicine man Fools Crow put it, "we need to be a hollow tube for the great spirit to pass through". Shaking helps keep us a hollow tube and an empty vessel. And finally, it is not only our bodies that have to be shaken: our words and meanings must also shake. When the spirit moves through us, everything will shake - our understandings, actions, and experiences. Shake in order to set free your mind, body, and soul.

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